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Airsnake No Autofeed Cable Drain Air Gun
MILWAUKEE part 2572A21
Product ID 121022572A21
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Airsnake No Autofeed Cable Drain Air Gun

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M12 AIRSNAKE has the power to clear up to 35 feet, past vent stacks and tees while the variable pressure dial allows for control on delicate pipe systems - Redlink Intelligence provides optimized performance and overload protection against abusive situations - Variable pressure control to select the right PSI for compression fittings and older drain lines - Optimized attachments for sinks, toilets, floor drains - Clears through drain covers & traps with powered air - Instantly reach clogs 35 Ft. out - Removes grease & sludge from pipe walls - Over 25 pressure cycles on a single charge - Interchangeable attachments optimized for seals on 1 in. to 4 drains, permanent drain stoppers, and toilets - 15 Degree offset connector for drain access under fixed faucets -