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Universal Plastic Toe-Tap Drain in Polished Chrome
AMERICAN STANDARD part 1640305002
Product ID 120731640305002
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Universal Plastic Toe-Tap Drain in Polished Chrome

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Includes One-Piece Cartridge: Simplifies installation and maintenance. - Double Ceramic Pressure Balance Cartridge: Combination of Ceramic Disc Mixing Valve and a Ceramic Balancing Spool in a one-piece cartridge. - Ceramic Disc Mixing Valve: Assures a lifetime of drip-free performance and smooth handle operation. - Ceramic Balancing Spool: Maintains a constant output temperature in response to changes in relative hot and cold supply pressure. Ceramic material is unaffected by mineral deposits and harsh water conditions. - Integrated Check Valves: Engineered to eliminate cross flow. - Adjustable Hot Limit Safety Stop: Limits the amount of hot water allowed to mix with cold. Reduces the risk of accidental scalding. - Back-to-Back Capability: Hot and cold can be reversed quickly and easily. - Metal wall escutcheon - Metal lever handle; For Use with Flash Shower Rough-In Valves -