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6 in Vise-Grip Bent Long Nose Plier, Side Cutter Pro Touch Handle
IRWIN part 2078226
Product ID 070072078226

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When you need to get into tight spaces, this Irwin Vise-Grip 6 in. Bent Long Nose Plier is the tool for the job. The pliers are perfect for cutting wire and small nails, as well as pulling staples. The bent long nose plier has induction-hardened cutting edges that stay sharp longer than traditional high-speed steel tools. It also features machined jaws with maximum gripping strength to keep your hands safe from slippage or injury. Made of nickel chromium steel, this plier is built to last and has a durable finish. Its pro touch handle provides superior comfort and control when working on small objects. The Irwin Vise Grip Bent Long Nose Plier is a great addition to any toolbox that will come in handy for all kinds of jobs around the house or office.