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Ninja Ice-Hi Viz, 7G Inside-15G Outside
Product ID 06556N9690HVM
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Acrylic Terry liner for insulation / warmthAt the same time, allows air to flow through which in turns keeps hands dryCoating remains soft in temperatures as low as -4º F

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MCR Safety Ninja gloves are engineered to provide the highest level of innovation. Each of the offerings in the Ninja series include a unique shell and polymer combination incorporating the latest in hand protection technology. Our Ninja Glove Line offers the greatest assortment of dexterity, sense of touch, and protection. The Ninja Ice Hi Vis features a 15 gauge Hi Vis lime nylon shell with a 7 gauge acrylic terry interior liner. It also features a Hi Vis Lime HPT coated palm and fingertips.  Looking for the best winter work gloves for dexterity?  Look no further than MCR Safety insulated work gloves?