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Standard Splicing Kit, Buna N, 6 Pieces
LOCTITE part 228171
Product ID 03902228171

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Standard Splicing Kit, Material Buna N, Sizes Included 0.09375 in, 0.125 in, 0.1875 in, 0.25 in, Cord Stock Length 3 ft/Cord Stock dia, Durometer 70 Shore A, Includes 1 fl oz Cleanup Solvent, 1 fl oz Waterproofing Solution, 1/3 oz Loctite(R) 404(R) Quick Set(R) Instant Adhesive, Cord Stock, Cutting Blade, Plastic Box with Lid Card, Splicing Jig, Number of Pieces 6, Temp. Range 46 Degrees to 82 Degrees F